This book covers tragic and difficult fate of Ural Tatars – victims of atomic disasters at Industrial complex “Mayak”, the main atomic archipelago of Russia, the evil deeds and atomic genocide of Soviet and Russian authorities against Tatars living in that area.

The author is worried about the influx of the nuclear waste from abroad to the Industrial complex “Mayak” and ongoing transformation of this region into a nuclear dump. She warns the Russian leadership, greedy members of atom industry and all the socially conscientious people of the planet about the possibility of a global nuclear catastrophe.

It is unlikely that this book will stop the atomic insanity of Russian leadership, but may be it will help to raise the awareness of the dangers to the humanity presented by the Industrial complex “Mayak”. That is why the target audience of this book are human rights activists, ecologists, politicians and all the socially conscientious global community.

First chapter

The industry of death


In Russia the death is hidden under the ground…

From border to border the country is covered by senseless and useless military factories, atomic, chemical and bacteriological production plants, and security sites guarding those death harboring installations… The majority of them are underground…. On the surface there is a city, humans of flesh and blood, rustling forests, a river running its waters, but everywhere under the ground the death industry is concentrated… The truth is known only to people who “should” know about it and to people who actually work there and even they know only what they “have” to know… Only severe catastrophes sometimes bring out the secrets hidden under the ground when the sudden increase of mortality forces others to think about it…. High mortality rate in Russia, the arrogance of cancer of epidemical proportions, the shrinking life expectancy, the increase of mentally-challenged kids, the emerging previously unknown scary diseases – all these is caused by the underground industry of death…. The Russian Empire produced and tuned to destroy others, destroys, poisons, kills its own population … The death comes from underground…

In this book we decided to tell you about the atomic archipelago built along the Ural mountains. The name of this atomic archipelago, that produced plutonium for the first atomic bomb and is still producing it up to nowadays, that holds in its surface and in its underground storage facilities 1 billion Curie worth of atomic waste, that poisoned with radiation and lead to an early grave local population of thousands, the name of it is “Mayak”, Industrial complex… “Mayak”, the industry of death, that even nowadays poisons the earth, the water and the air, bringing to life cripples and mutants … It is planted in the midst of ancient Tatar lands – along the Ural mountains, in the forests and valleys Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) region. Locals and other people who suffered from “Mayak” are mainly Tatars, that is why this book is mainly about Tatars. It is true that the radiation coming from “Mayak”, the death rays do not have ethnic preference, equally targets everybody and harms everybody. Nevertheless, the industrial complex “Mayak” placed in the Tatar land, amidst Tatar villages, and it is exterminating local Tatars – their ancient country, paradise-like land, genii running thousand years back, villages and people. In short the Tatars are killed… It is genocide against local Tatars… With the help of Allah, we will prove later on that this is what exactly is happening, but for now we will turn our attention to the history of this land and the land itself…

The history of Könçak (Konchak) county located in the south of Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) region and the Tatar villages therein is very old and the countryside itself is very rich and beautiful. Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) region has four thousand years old cities of Turko-Tatars (Arkaim), rich barrows of Hun-Tatars. Local golden artifacts from this area are stored in the Hermitage museum in Saint-Petersburg. The Turkic people who were living here from the times of Prophet Noah (‘alaihi was-salaam) built the cities of stone. They were the first ones to hammer iron. They melted copper, made arms, created aesthetic golden and silver accessories, plowed soil, sew wheat, bred strong and healthy off-spring… Historical records, dastans (epic romantic poems), ancient cities, barrows, archeological discoveries testify about the truth… The heirs of legendary King Attila lived here. They controlled dozens of Tatar states between İdel (Volga) and Urals, along the İrtış (Irtysh) and Don, on the territory of Caucasus and Crimea… For the historical purposes add to this list Turkic Kaghanat, legendary Tatar State of Golden Horde, Siberian, Qazan, Crimean and Ästırxan (Astrakhan) Khanats, Noghay Horde… There was a strong state of Noghay Tatars in the places we are talking about …

Allah, the Most High, brought to those lands the prosperity and natural beauty in full. There are estimated thousands of tons of copper, zinc, gold, silver, marble and many other natural elements under the ground. There are hundreds of blue lakes left from the times when this land was covered by the sea, including about five thousand in Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) region. It is said that in Qunaşaq (Qunashaq) district alone there are 56 lakes, among them there are large bottomless deep lakes, even, as it turns out, those that hide meteorites in their depths… In the summer of 1949 this countryside witnessed very strong meteor showers, when stones and pebbles were falling from the sky. Very large meteorite with a blazing tail fell into the lake Çibäkül (Chibekul), making a 20 meter high water pole of splash. It was as if the heavens wanted to heed about the tremendous tragedy that was going to happen in this area…

It is during those years that the calamity and tragedy never seen before is brewing. The city of Moscow that took the state of Tatars from them five hundreds years ago, now is thinking of exterminating the Tatars themselves. That is why it decides to create the first Soviet Bomb here, in the Paradise-like land of Tatars. The people in Moscow know what kind of frightening consequences this bad “neighbor” can bring – only few years ago the whole world was shocked by the tragedy of Hiroshima. The atomic clouds above the Japanese cities with its inhabitants burning alive were not dispersed yet when in 1946 at the orders of Stalin in Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) region they break the ground for a hidden “Chemical” industrial complex. This industrial complex of death is being built far from Moscow, far from the areas populated by ethnical Russians, behind Ural mountains, atop of the Tatar villages. During the construction the Soviet Empire takes care of many things – it has to be far from the center in the case of the accident and close to Turkic Steppe for the first nuclear tests, it has to have plenty of local water resources for its relentless work and, of course, the abundance of the work force among local peasants to send to a very feasible death… Nobody asks Tatars for their permission, nobody tells them anything, nobody gives them a hint about the frightening and deadly perspective, nobody warns them that the majority of them will die in 40-50 years from cancer and radiation… And in 2 years an unprecedented industry emerges and starts to produce the first atomic bomb. On the surface there are Tatar villages, an ancient city of Qıştım, thousand years old lakes Qaraçay, Irtaş, Qızıl Taş (Red Stone), Oglıaĝaç (Old Tree), Esen and Iske (Old) swamps, rivers Tınıç (Pacific, Russian: Techa) and Mäşäläk… Thousand years old barrows, cemeteries, burials… There are enough human resources to work at the industrial complex in the large villages nearby – Muslim, Tatar Qarabolaq, Öst-Baĝaryaq, Qonşaq… Under the ground there is miles wide city, atomic Hell, uranium-graphite reactors spreading death rays, radiochemical factory for extraction of plutonium from radioactive uranium, the chemical-metallurgical factory producing the plutonium core of the atomic bomb, tool plant for reactor equipment, the radioactive isotope factory… At the same territory thousand tons of atomic waste are stored in natural and artificial reservoirs. Those deadly radioactive materials are also affecting the lakes and swamps above the ground… But at that time people know neither of the nature of the underground industry nor of the degree of danger presented by it.

Since the country does not have yet proper atomic industry culture and necessary technologies, the industrial complex Mayak is doomed to the technological failures, breakdowns and accidents from the very first days of its existence. Every accident leads to radiation leakage to the environment and to death, disabilities and radioactive poisoning of people right at the reactor side… Mayak from the very first day of its operations starts to dump the radioactive waste, the water used in the reactor and all the dirt to the river Tınıç (Techa) with its banks populated by people from Tatar villages… At this time people do not know about the tremendous disaster coming and “organs” that know kept it as a state secret. Russian state starts undeclared atomic war on its own citizens … We are going to keep writing about some of the attributes and victims of that war further on….

In 1948 the complex Mayak starts to operate in its full capacity and at the first moment of its operations a big accident happens resulting from the lack of cooling water for the reactor. The accident is cleared in the same day, but all the workers of that shift are exposed to the radiation. Since then the complex experienced regular accidents, large and small, while the authorities “learned” to fix the reactor without actually stopping it. In other words the administration knowingly sent the workers to the radiation zone and as a result, in 1949 first patients suffering from radiation disease started to surface. At that time there were no radiation security requirements, and, as we said earlier, the atomic fission products were going straight to the nearby rivers and lakes. It is known that, as a consequence, only in 1949-1951 2.76 million Curie worth of atomic fission products were dumped. The radioactive contamination reached the Arctic Ocean via rivers Iset and Tobol. Only during the first three years of Mayak’s operation 124 thousand people suffered from radiation, and among them – Tatars living in Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk), Qurgan and Sverdlovsk regions. According to the book of V.M. Kuznetsov, the accidents related to radiation happened quite often. Among them:

Main incidents on PO "Mayak":

On the 15th of March, 1953, spontaneous chain reaction (SCR) at the plant N25 of the complex Mayak, resulting in a significant radiation exposure among all the workers of the plant.

On the 13th of October, 1954, there was an explosion of technological equipment resulted in the destruction of one of the plant compartments.

On the 21st of April, 1957, SCR in the collector of oxalate decantates after the filtration of the sediments of enriched uranium oxalate at the plant N20. Six personal (four women and two men) got exposed to 300 to 1000 BER (biological equivalent of a roentgen), one woman died.


On the 2nd of October, 1958, SCR at the plant 20 during the uranium related experiment aimed at the determination of the critical mass of enriched uranium in the cylinder vessel at different concentrations of uranium in the solution. The staff violated the rules and instructions of operations with nuclear fission materials. At the moment of SCR the staff was exposed to the radiation doses between 7600 and 13000 BER. Three men died, one have got a radiation disease and became blind.

On the 28th of July, 1959, rapture of technological equipment, people were exposed to radiation as a result of the accident.

On the 5th of December, 1960, SCR at the plant 20. Five people were exposed to radiation.

On the 28th of February, 1962, explosion in the sorption column, destruction of equipment. Again, the environment was exposed to strong radiation.

On the 7th of September, 1962 – SCR at the plant N20, three splashes, radioactive contamination.

On the 16th of December, 1965 – SCR at the plant N20 continued for 14 hours. Radioactive contamination.


On the 10th of December, 1968, SCR at the plant N20. Plutonium solution was placed into the cylindrical container with dangerous geometry. One man died, another has got high degree of radiation exposure and radiation sickness which lead to amputation of both legs and right arm.

On the 11th of February, 1976, radiochemical plant for enriched nuclear fuel processing, extraction of solution of fuel plutonium. As a result of unqualified actions of staff there was an autocatalytic reaction of concentrated nitric acid with an organic liquid. The equipment exploded, operating surfaces of the control and measure devices’ and automatics section, walls and ceilings of the canyon were destroyed. Radiation leaked to the areas of the repair zone and nearby plant territory. Index by INEC scale – 3.

On the 2nd of October, 1984, there was an explosion at the vacuum equipment at the reactor, radiation leaks to the nearby environment.

On the 16th of November, 1990, explosive reaction in the reagent vessels. Two people have got chemical burns, one died.

On the 17th of July, 1993, the accident happens on the radioisotope plant of Mayak with subsequent destruction of sorption column and dump of the small amount of aerosol. Decapsulation of column SN-04 happened under the action of gases yielded during exothermic dissociation of sorbent (anionit VP-1AP) due to interaction with nitrates when the temperature surged to 130C in the sorbent layer. The yield of gases was very intense, close to explosion. The temperature rise in the resin was due to the drying of the sorbent layer and subsequent absorption of significant amount of plutonium-238 (about 400 grams). The leakage of alpha-aerosols did not exceed 0.2 mCu or 3% of the daily acceptable limit for the complex Mayak. The radiation leakage was localized to the operative area of the section.

On the 2nd of August, 1993, accident at the line of pulp output from the purification of liquid radioactive waste equipment (plant N22 at Mayak). The accident was related to the encapsulation failure of the pipeline (as a result of corrosion) and to the dumping of 2m3 of radioactive pulp to the surface of the plant area. About 100 square meters of the surface became contaminated. The encapsulation failure of the pipeline lead to the leakage of radioactive pulp with activity of 0.3 Cu. Radioactive trace was localized and contaminated soil was removed from the territory of the plant.

On the 27th of December, 1993, accident happens on radioisotope plant when the replacement of FPP filter at the equipment N3 lead to the dump to the atmosphere of the radioactive aerosols. The dump amounted to 0.033 Cu of alpha-activity and 0.36 Cu of beta-activity.

On the 4th of February, 1994, at the Mayak’s plant N235 radioactive materials were released into the atmosphere. Beta-activity – 2 daily limits, in total, 15.7 mCu. The location of aerosol formation: empty hydrolocks of the glazing oven during inoperation period

On the 30th of March, 1994, at the Mayak’s plant N45 radioactive materials were released to the air. Cs137 – 3 daily limits, beta-activity – 1.7 daily limits, alpha-activity – 1.9 daily limits.

On the 20-23rd of May, 1994, the radiation got out via ventilation shafts of Mayak’s plant N235 with the total activity of 10.4 mCu of beta-aerosols. The dumping measured by Cs137 level was 8% from the control limit.

On the 7th of July, 1994, a radioactive spot of several square decimeters was found at Mayak’s equipment plant N40. The activity of exposure dose amounted at 500 microR/s. Radiation leaks to the nearby environment. The cause of the accident happened to be the leakage from the sewage line at the plant N45.

On the 31st of August, 1994, radioactive nuclei leak to the atmosphere via the exhaust pipes of radiochemical plant N101. The total amount of activity was 238.8 mCu, including Cs137 level of 4.36 of the YEAR limit for that radionuclide. The cause of the accident happened to be the sealing break at the BBEP-440 reactor during the scheduled operation of trimming of unused ends of OTVS as a result of electric spark, that lead to the destruction of insulation of several TVELs. During the investigation it was found that the operators acted with violation of operational and managerial instructions.

On the 24th of March, 1995, the device AD-6531-1 at the Mayak’s plant N235 was overfilled with plutonium at the level of 19% above normal capacity. THIS EVENT NEARLY RESULTED IN THE NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE. The incident was caused by the violations of the technological procedures by the staff of the plant.

On the 15th of August, 1995, during the work with liquid radioactive waste, radioactive waters got their way into soil and underground.

On the 24th of July, 1995, due to the burning camera filter the radiation spread into soil at the plant N45.

On the 14th of September, 1995, sharp alpha-nuclide air contamination increase in the control room of plant N235 was registered during routine change of cover and greasing of step manipulators. The managers of the plant sector admitted that the main cause of the accident was the reckless actions of the workers during the cover change.

On the 21st of December, 1995, several personnel were exposed to radiation during the check-ups of the thermometric channel.

On the 22nd of October, 1996, encapsulation rapture of the coolant water pipes in one of the storage vessels of highly radioactive waste happened at the plant N235, section 4, used as receptacle and long-term storage of liquid radioactive waste of radiochemical production. As a result, the pipes of the cooling system of the storage were contaminated, radionuclides got into the cooling system through the rapture holes. As a result of the accident 10 workers of the plant were exposed to radioactive rays from 2.2310-3 to 4.810-2 Zv???

On the 20th of November, 1996, there was a radionuclide aerosol dump into the atmosphere at the chemical-metallurgical plant during PPR??? on the electrical equipment of sucking ventilator, that amounted to 10% of the allowed year limit for the plant.

On the 27th of August, 1997, floor contamination in the area from 1 to 2 square meters in one of the rooms of the section 4 building of the plant RT-1 was detected. The gamma-radiation dose from this spot was from 40 to 200 microR/s. The contamination was a result of overflow of the “walking” conveyor of the oven EP-500/2 because of the leakage during the clean-up of the collector with desorbing liquid.

On the 6th of October, 1997, a rise of the background radiation level was detected in the montage building 954 of plant RT-1. The measurements of the level of the dose showed up to 300 microR/s, in some places – up to 1000 microR/s. The source of radiation – industrial water collector, which have been prepared for the repair by means of removal of water.

On the 23rd of September, 1998 during the raise of the reactor LF-2 (“Ludmila”) production level after triggering AZ??? the acceptable level of the production level was exceeded by 10%. As a result the acceptable level of water temperature was exceeded in several technological channels and in three of them there was a rapture of encapsulation of some of the TVELs, which resulted in the contamination of the equipment and pipes of the first contour. The level of Xe133 in the reactor waste exceeded acceptable year level. Reactor was stopped for a planned/preventive repair.

On the 9th of September, 2000, there was a 1.5 hour electric shutdown at industrial union Mayak that could potentially cause an accident. The Ural interregional area office of the Atomic Watch State Committee (Gosatomnadzor) filed to the environmental office of the Attorney General of the Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) region a petition calling for investigation of that event. The office of Attorney General made a decision not to open a criminal probe due to the absence of disastrous consequences.

(from V.M. Kuznetsov. Yadernaya bezopasnost. “Osnovnye problemy i soveremennoe sostoyanie bezopasnosti predpriyatiy YaTTs RF”, Moskva, 2003, pages 231-235)

Those accidents, explosions and radiation leakages are the ones that became known to the scientists, but how many of them remained unknown? Where did Chernobyl come from? It happened because of this type of work organization destined to break and collapse, it happened as a result of the attempts to conceal danger, indifference to the lives of people living in the radiation zone and, of course, as the result of greed. Out of high number of atomic accidents that were happening at Mayak how many have became known to the people, how many actions have been taken, how much help have been offered? None of those accidents were made public in the timely manner and even now not all of the truth is known. Among those accidents the most horrible happened in the year 1957 and it became known as “Qıshtım tragedy”. At that time 200 times more radiation leaked to the environment compared to the Chernobyl catastrophe, but this data was not made public. The radioactive cloud spreads to Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk), Qurĝan, Tümän (Tumen’), Sverdlovsk areas, the 300 miles radiation zone includes 217 towns and villages, 270 000 people were exposed to the radiation. Without explaining the reasons authorities evacuated the population of 12 000 of 42 towns and villages. At the same time large (three-four thousand people each) Tatar villages were left in the territory that became officially known as the “dead zone” and they are remaining there up to the modern times. The majority of locals died already and of remaining 80-90% are suffering from radiation disease and cancer. All of them are sick, many crippled, many are mutant and mentally disabled children. The main aspect of Mayak’s work is reflected in those people… Let us talk about these Tatars.

According to scientists, planned and emergency disposal of nuclear waste amounts to 150 M Curie of radiation spreaded in the environment on the area of 267 000 square kilometers. 437 000 people that lived in that area have got a radiation exposure. Only in the Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) region 1.5 million people are leaving under the looming danger of radiation related diseases. Currently, the industrial union Mayak is considered the most dangerous industrial zone in the world and its neighborhood is the most contaminated zone in the world. As we mentioned earlier, it stores 1 billion tons of radioactive waste. Nowadays, the radioactive waste from abroad is also stored in the area of Mayak. There are 231 atomic burials in the underground and surface storages waiting in their lakes and swamps when their time comes… From those lakes and swamps by poisoning the river Tınıç (Techa) and the local Tatar villages they continue their destructive work… There are 17 special water storages at the territory of Mayak which are used as the dump for the liquid radioactive waste. The total area of those water storages is 30-40 square kilometers. In the 200 hundred storages (80% of them are full), there are 500 thousand tons of solid radioactive waste. As it is known, “Mayak” appropriated additional 100 hectares of land from the local municipality. There is no doubt that those lands will be used for storing of the radioactive waste from abroad. It figures, that as long as Mayak operates, the lives of locals are never safe and these lands, waters, these people will go on and on and on to be exposed to the radiation….

Lake Qaraçay turned into the storage of liquid radioactive waste was partially covered with concrete. The decision to cover it was made after the hurricane in the year 1967. The hurricanes are common in the area and one of them went over Lake Qaraçay. It seemed that heavens were trying to punish the inhabitants of the Earth for playing with death by showing them the consequences of their dangerous games… And the consequences were indeed terrifying… The thousands, millions Curie worth of radioactive dust covered and made unusable thousands hectares of land, poisoned thousands of people and dozens of villages. After those events Lake Qaraçay was partially covered and the radioactive waste filtrated into the underground water system. This poisoned water reached the riverbed of the River Meşalaq. According to specialists, 4 M cubic meters of underground water in the area of 30 square kilometers is contaminated by radionuclides and they are keeping to filtrate to the Meşalaq River. Those contaminated waters went 100 meters deep into the land. Now there are 120 M Curie worth of radioactive waste in the Lake Qaraçay. There is 2 M Curie of this poison in the Old Swamp. And all of this is filtrated to the Tınıç (Techa) River. Actually, all of the local waters are contaminated with radionuclides. But the most dangerous are the special storages for liquid radioactive waste, so called Tınıç (Techa) Cascade. The levees were made in the 50s and 60s, and the lakes filled with the liquid waste are ready to overflow and rush down the riverbed at any moment. And it already happens from time to time, and the Tınıç (Techa) River flows the radioactive nuclides all over the place. Strong rains can easily and completely destroy the local dams and then the radioactive contamination can spread up to the Arctic Ocean over the Tınıç (Techa)-İset-Tobol-Ob’ system. The Tatar village Muslim located 30 kilometers down the river Tınıç (Techa) from Mayak is reachable by the deadly waves in mere hours. And it happened already several times. It is worth mentioning here that the cascade of liquid storages on Tınıç (Techa) is operating illegally, without a license.

Beginning from the year 1957 until now the union Mayak continues to dump radioactive waste to the river Tınıç (Techa) two times a week. Those are planned dumps, so to speak, and nobody counts the unplanned ones. A human mind cannot possibly apprehend how one can poison environment and people with radiation in a PLANNED manner. But even more puzzling is why the union Mayak, with its managers knowing of radiation poisoning, is not willing to help. Well, there is the Department of Atomic Affairs (Minatom), the Department of Defense (Minoborony), the Russian government standing firmly behind Mayak, a state-own factory. It figures that Russian state systematically murders its own population with radioactivity. This criminal policy affects on the full scale the Tatar population of the radiation zone. We have a full right to say this, because Russian villages affected by the catastrophes during the decade of 1957-1967 were permanently evacuated to the safe area, while the population of Tatar villages was left in this deadly zone. Moreover, we have a right to claim that they were left there for a specific reason: in the capacity of guinea pigs for an inhumane atomic experiment. How is the human organism affected by constant radiation changes, what are the factors worth paying attention in the case of a nuclear war, what are the genetic changes happening in people – all those questions are answered by Tatars left in the deadly zone at the price of their lives. For the last 40 years the scientists from Moscow and Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) were visiting these people, making lab analyses, carrying classified research, all without any attempt to help Tatars dying from the consequences of this experiment. There must be a lot of information in the secret archives, hospitals and labs of Russian Department of Defense about Tatars that suffered from radiation. That is why these Tatars are never transferred to anywhere, because they are needed for unprecedented monstrous experiments.

As long as death plant Mayak is operating great danger will be looming for the locals. While today Tatars are the objects of atomic experimentation in Russia, tomorrow it might be the whole population of the Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) region and the whole Russia. Therefore, among all options we can consider only the complete shutdown of the union Mayak. Strangely enough, the Russian scientists, ecologists, lawyers who know the reality of the situation, keep mum about the shutdown of the deadly Mayak. According to them, it is enough just to “improve” the production, “make it safe”. As if the complete covering of the Lake Qaraçay (Karachay), building of special sections for processing waste from the liquid form to the solid one, proper guarding, removal of contaminated buildings, liquidating of the most dangerous storage N17, lowering the level of water in Tınıç (Techa) cascade, getting rid (?!) of contaminated underground water under Lake Qaraçay (Karachay) will eliminate the danger of the atomic catastrophe… This is proposed in the V.M.Kuznetsov book (pages 230-231) we mentioned earlier. In our opinion, this is not enough to stop the death sowing atomic monster. The union Mayak represents the danger not only to the Urals area, open spaces of Siberia, but to the whole humanity. Therefore people, especially locals, must ask themselves whether they need the union Mayak spreading around death. Did it have to be built in this densely populated area, among beautiful forests and lakes, surrounded by clean rivers, and, at last, in the places worth to be called a nature reserve? If it was needed for the atomic industry, why did not they build it in the uninhabited desert or on uninhabited island? Why did it start operating in the densely populated area? It is time to fix the nightmarish mistake of Stalin made more than half of the century ago. Thousands of victims of radiation who left untimely, thousands of sick dying an excruciating death people, ruined clans and villages, poisoned soil and water is calling for this solution! NOWADAYS, MAINLY TATARS ARE DYING HERE, DYING EN MASSE, BUT IF MAYAK KEEPS OPERATING NOBODY WILL BE LEFT ALIVE IN THIS AREA, THE RADIATION WILL REACH EVERYBODY. Therefore, the only possible solution is a complete shutdown of the union Mayak. Along with the complete termination of the complex, we demand compensation for people left in the zone of death and their permanent evacuation to the safe area. The problem needs to be solved at the Federation level. But if ordinary people will continue to be silent about it, if they will continue to die without a word, most likely it will be never even considered on the higher level.

That is why we decided to tell all living about the fate of Tatars dying from radiation, about the tragedy of Tatar villages doomed to death. Read and tremble: today the Tatars are in this tragic situation, tomorrow YOU might share the same fate. Radiation does not ask for the ethnic origin, it can reach ministers, presidents, all of us.

Yes, the death in Russia is hidden under the ground. There are about a hundred of nuclear storages in the boundless spaces of Russia, most of them underground. Not only the Urals, but also the Kol peninsula and Novaya Zemlya are covered with Russian nuclear waste and atomic ranges… In the year 1961 for the first time in the world a 59 megaton (6000 times more powerful than the one dumped on Hiroshima) hydrogen bomb was tested here! The blast wave went three times around the Earth, the atomic mushroom raised to the height of 60 kilometers. There was a radioactive precipitation in all of the Northern hemisphere. We, those who were born in Russia in this monstrous environment try to exist despite inhumane circumstances. That is why we are not surprised by the abundance of mentally disabled, sick, crippled, maniacs and criminals in this country. By making and testing nuclear weapons on its own territory, Russia turned its population to the population of mutants. According to scientists, plutonium that leaked to the soil, water, air and human organisms will decay completely only in 24 thousand years. Before that it will keep killing a Human, its gene, its environment…

It is known that today Russia have 130 tons of plutonium, 1050 tons of uranium, 120,000 units of nuclear weapons. It amounts to the half of the total amount of nuclear weapons of the whole world. RUSSIA IN THE FULL MEANING OF THE WORD IS A LAND OF NUCLEAR BURIALS. From the year 1949 till the year 1990 there were 715 nuclear tests. Those tests and those burials of uranium and plutonium turned into the main threat to the health of the nation. Insane arms race, brandishing nuclear weapons turns into the excruciating death of millions. Today in Russia the death already popped up from the underground, the atomic scythe mows everyone on its way: children, women, seniors, youth – without mercy to anyone. Among its victims are simple peasants and workers of Mayak as well as the top management of Mayak, both groups dying from radiation and cancer.

Everybody knows that radionuclids in the human organism cause cancer diseases. That is why people living in the area of atomic power plants, atomic ranges and other nuclear sites, that is people doomed to radioactive exposure, have 6-7 times more likelihood to get cancer compared to other people. One of the dangers of radiation is that it is invisible, it has no smell, no taste, no color. In other words, people do not notice when and how they got radiated. That is what happened to rural Tatars we are going to tell you about. For years they lived in the area contaminated by radioactivity without knowing it. And people from the industry, the government did not consider it necessary to warn the people, to provide safety… Nowadays both people who did know and people who did not know end their lives due to the radiation exposure and cancer diseases. There is already no country called USSR that doomed its citizen to the excruciating torments. It seems that now there is no one to be held responsible for the atomic tragedy at Mayak… Nevertheless the story of Mayak should serve a good lesson and heed to the coming generation. That is why we decided to tell people about it…


“Radiation, indeed, is deadly dangerous. At high dosage it causes serious damage to the tissue, at small dosage it can cause cancer and induce genetic defects that might surface in the children and grandchildren of a person who was exposed to the radiation or in his or her distant descendants…

“The impact of radiation on the human organism depends on the dose and time of the irradiation. Very large doses of irradiation in the order of magnitude of 100 Gray (J/kg) cause serious damage to the central nervous system and death is imminent during hours or days.

“At the dose of irradiation of 10 to 50 Gray a person dies in one or two weeks from the hemorrhage in the gastro-intestinal system.

“At the dose of 3-5 Gray of irradiation of the whole body the lethality is 50% due to the destruction of the red bone marrow – the main component of the blood-producing system of the organism.

“Children are extremely sensitive to the impact of radiation. A relatively small dose of irradiation of the cartilage tissue can slow down and stop completely bone growth. The anomalies of the skeleton development might happen at the total dose of 10 Gray. Irradiation of the child’s brain (during radiotherapy) can cause changes in his temper, loss of memory and in the very small kids – to the dementia and idiocy. During pregnancy, especially between eight and fifteenth weeks, when cerebral brain cortex is formed, irradiation could lead to the birth of a mentally disabled child.” (Kadyrov M.G. “Deistvie ioniziruyuschey radiatsii na zhivoy organism” (based on the papers of Chernobyl accident) – in the book “Na putyah k duhovno-ekologicheskoy tsivilizatsii”. Qazan, 1996, pages 96-97).

As we said already, nowadays all the areas populated by Tatars in Russia are turned into nuclear ranges. Turan steppes of Erenbur (Orenburg) and Qazaqstan (Kazakhstan) are plowed by atomic bombs, Idel-Ural (Volga-Urals) region is stuffed with the nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapon storages. All this was done without any consultation and agreement with locals, without any warning about the mortal danger. It happened and it is happening now. We are talking about the crime of the Soviet state against its own population that happened in the Erenbur (Orenburg) steppes in summer 1954. They exploded an atomic bomb without warning to the locals without evacuating them. As you can see, the bombs produced at Mayak were not taken too far way, they were exploded for testing purposes on the same Tatar lands, in Erenbur (Orenburg) and Qazaq (Kazakh) steppes. The atomic experiment at the Totsk range of Erenbur (Orenburg) region was monstrous, since the tested bomb was more powerful than two charges blown in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is what the newspaper “Kommersant-Daily” (issue 75, 4/25/1998) wrote about it:

“In the morning of 14th of September, 1954, an atomic bomb was dropped from the plane flying 8 kilometers above the Totsk range, located in the Erenbur (Orenburg) region. It exploded at 350 meters above the ground. Its power was 40 kilotons of TNT equivalent, that is more than 2 times larger than power of a bomb dropped at Hiroshima or Nagasaki. After almost half a century and despite relatively clean environment in the zone of Totsk nuclear testing, there was a strong surge in cancer and other diseases in the population detected only between the years 1985 and 1993. According to the data obtained by Ural branch of RAN (Russian Academy of Sciences), the frequency of malign neoplasm of respiratory tract increased by 258%, thyroid gland – by 260%, skin cancer – 131% and the lymphatic and blood diseases by 670% among people living in the vicinity of the range. The general cancer diseases among children doubled, the mortality rate increased 2.3 times from the year 1964 to the year 1991. Increased level of chromosome mutations was detected in the population almost at the level of Bryansk region located in the fallout range of Chernobyl’s accident.”

All of the cited is true, but nevertheless there is one aspect that is not mentioned. Those, who were in effect under the bomb, those who were doomed to excruciating death were TATARS… The bombs produced on Tatar land by Mayak are tested on Tatar lands and on Tatars! And they are left to die in the radiation zones, as in Çeläbe (Chelyabinsk) area for the purposes of atomic experiments. So, our folks are needed by Russia for monstrous experiments. That is why they are doomed to live in the contaminated area. The Russia was never touchy-feely about Tatars and today it is melting them in its atomic pots…

Translation by A.Badretdin